USOS API Reference

USOS API is a simple and fat-free REST-like protocol, which allows developers to access academic database. In case of this installation, you will be accessing The Gdynia Maritime University's data, but there are many other institutions which use USOS API.

Basically, there are three ways to access USOS API:

  • Anonymously: If you choose not to authenticate, you will be limited only to a subset (but still, fairly usable subset) of API methods. The main advantage of this solution is it's simplicity: just plain old simple HTTP requests.
  • With an API Key: With one of those, you'll be able to ask users to share their data with you. Acquiring an API Key is easy, but you will also have to understand the Authorization stuff (we use a widely known OAuth standard, so there are many client libraries for you to find).
  • Administrative API Key: This one is big. It might - for example - allow you to run any method as any user. You will need to contact us directly to get one, though!

USOS API Reference is a complete set of documentation needed in order to use the API.

Thanks for your interest!

USOS API ver., f6735503 (2023-11-30)